At Soul Purpose…

Our vision is to educate, empower and elevate youth to see beyond their current circumstances and understand their past is not their potential.

We focus on assisting youth in gaining awareness on behaviors and new skills through holistic fitness and vocational education programming. Our exercise program is based on functional fitness and HIIT programming for maximum benefit in a short time to help youth gain self worth, and have a tangible positive outcome.

We help clients identify their needs and set a road map to attain their goals. Each week consists of education on health and fitness, on one day, and vocational opportunities and educational options day two. We are a solution focused program and encourage clients to create their own fitness and nutrition plans, future goals, how to attain them and overcome any possible barriers. Our goal is for the youth to become aware of behavior and create new positive habits that instill self worth and the intrinsic desire to create sustainable solutions that help them move towards their goals.

Sarah’s Story…

I vividly remember the day I chose to get clean and sober. I was working construction, I had been up for 2 days on a cocaine binge and I couldn't function anymore. I was paranoid, a bit delusional and completely lost. I said to myself what the fuck are you doing with your life! I have been given too damn much in this life to be pissing it all away on drugs and self-destructive behaviors.

AT 21, I was doing an eight ball a day, bulimic, in and out of toxic relationships, and had physical injuries too. My use had driven me to put myself in dangerous situations, on occasion, escaping with my life by the Grace of God. Feeling trapped and lost, I told my boss what was going on. He helped me go talk to my parents, not about my drug use, about the bulimia. I was way too scared to tell my parents about the drug use and I honestly, had no desire to quit forever. I just knew I could not live the way I was anymore, and I knew I needed some kind of help. 2 weeks later I found myself in a treatment center for bulimia. The night before I was admitted, I got wasted knowing I wouldn't be able to use for the next 30 days. When asked upon admittance if I did drugs, I said not often and told staff I had never bought drugs before. I proceeded to detox for the next 6 months. My 30 days in treatment were life changing. We had to go to NA meetings once a week in the hospital where the treatment facility was housed, and I remember finding a flyer that said are you an addict? Seeing as I answered yes to all the questions I knew my problem was more severe than I even realized.

My counselors were book read, not street smart, and I could not relate. I was so frustrated and felt like how can you tell me what to do, how to live my life yet you have never been through addiction or an eating disorder? I was pissed and swore at that moment to help youth who struggled with addiction and self-destructive behaviors. This has been my mission for 25 years.

Through fitness and years of self-exploration, I have 30 years clean and found my passion and purpose working with at risk youth. My mission is to educate, empower and elevate the youth I serve to see that their past is not their potential. I have overcome abuse, eating disorders, obesity, rape, toxic and abusive relationships to be living out my passion and purpose. I have worked in many capacities with youth in residential and outpatient settings. I am a Certified Recovery mentor, QMHA, CADC 1, Family Performance Advocate and I have a B.S. in Physical Education. My heart and my passion come through in everything I do. I relate to this population as I have been down that road; we may not have the exact same experiences but the hopelessness and struggle are the same. I have also been a Parent Advocate and have worked extensively with youth and their families. Statistics show that the two major factors in helping teens gain and maintain sobriety are mentorship and parent involvement. I incorporate both to help the family unit build bridges of communication and trust. The recidivism rate for teens that have been in a facility, residential treatment, jail, or other facility is 55% within one year. There is a clear need for comprehensive reintegration into communities with tangible, long term solutions for the youth.

After working at multiple facilities over the years, I saw a need for something more. I have always wanted to run my own non-profit working with at risk youth, so I dove head first into my purpose. I know from my own experiences and the youth I have worked with that underlying all the drugs and destructive behavior lays the lack of self worth and self-love and self-empowerment. I found fitness and exercise to be my go to habit after I got out of treatment, and know that this has helped me stay clean for 32 years. Fitness gave me strength both physically and mentally, that I had been lacking. Along with getting physically and mentally healthy, I proceeded to get a job and went back to college, which further increased my sense of worth. The research behind fitness is profound and they are seeing that exercise has a positive impact on overcoming addiction, getting and staying clean and reduced relapse rates.

My Soul Purpose is to help youth find their purpose and passion and show them that their past is not their destiny.

With love,

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